Take A Journey With Us

As the Cheshire Cat remarked to Alice, ‘If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.’

If you have a clear vision however, X-Cloud is uniquely positioned to lead the way.

Our intimate outcomes-based approach, and flexible working style mean your business continues to operate at the Speed of Now while manifesting the change needed to thrive in the digital economy.


X-Cloud Ltd. is registered in England & Wales, company no. 10804458. The company was established in 2017 and provides the following services in digital transformation using cloud technologies:


Cloud Enterprise Architecture
Cloud Integration Architecture
Cloud Security Architecture
Predictive and Generative A.I. Architecture


Salesforce Consulting, Configuration & Development
Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
Marketing Cloud & MCAE (Pardot)
Einstein (GPT, Discovery, Chatbots & Copilot Studio)
Experience Cloud
Licensing Business Cases
Org Strategy

Salesforce Technical Architecture
Data Model Design
Data Governance (GDPR, HiPAA, PII, PCI, encryption at rest/in transit, etc)
Application Design
Security Design
Single Sign On
Large Data Volumes
Order-of-Execution Performance Tuning

Salesforce Integration
Web-to-Salesforce (Leads & Cases)
APIs (SOAP, REST, Bulk, Streaming, Tooling, Metadata)
Pub/Sub Event Bus (Platform and Change Events)
Master Data Management

Subscription Billing

Zuora Consulting
Zuora Integration


Jitterbit Consulting
Mulesoft Consulting